“We have seen incredible progress from seeing Keisha Nolan at Nolan Speech.  We have found from our previous experience that having a consistent therapist throughout the entire year has helped us make great strides in speech and language development.  Keisha works so well with our son and is very proficient  in adjusting his goals and the activities and games that she uses in his speech therapy sessions. He loves to come to speech therapy and that means everything to us.”  — Erin



“Since my son has been receiving treatment with Mrs. Nolan I cannot believe how much he has improved. My son would barely speak, only when made to prior to starting treatment, now he is voluntarily and sporadically speaking. We owe it all to Mrs. Nolan; his speech has improved by leaps and bounds in such a short period of time. Mrs. Nolan’s treatment is child-centered and play-based and my son loves going to speech. Mrs. Nolan and the staff are very encouraging and are generally excited when he accomplishes a new goal. I cannot believe the amount of support they provide my son with it is very heartwarming to know that they really care about him. I know that my son is receiving the best care and treatment by Nolan Speech and Language Center. Thank you!!!!!”  — Ashley



“Nolan Speech has been a wonderful addition to my son and his speech therapy. As an educator in an elementary school classroom, it was important to me to receive speech services that are personal and specific. Nolan Speech came highly recommended from fellow colleagues as a professional that is cognizant in speech and language development as well as providing robust therapy with proven results. To see my son excel over the past months and days is simply remarkable. His clarity and articulation has improved significantly and he is feeling self confident and even self correcting himself as a 5 year old. Needless to say, Nolan Speech has changed my son’s life and has given him the gift of something most people take for granted… speech and language. The staff at Nolan Speech is perfect in every way and I truly feel welcome in their warm and inviting environment.”  — Susan



“What can I say about Nolan Speech, extraordinary! You were recommended to me by an orthodontist, for my daughter. She had some previous speech therapy through a known hospital, as well as the school district. Unfortunately, I was not getting the results I needed. When I scheduled my evaluation at Nolan, I was a little surprised by the cost of the evaluation. It was higher than other evaluations. Nolan also required me to bring in food items, from different categories.  


Amanda Celeste, performed the evaluation, she took different measurements inside her mouth, watched her eat, spoke to her, asked questions. By far, it was one of the most in-depth evaluations we’ve ever had. The evaluation was worth every dollar! I had a new sense of hope. Amanda also ended up being her speech therapist. She is Amazing! Amanda has this wonderful, energetic & bubbly personality about her, she is great with the kids. My daughter was excited to go to speech, every time. Amanda even went out of her way recommending us to a new orthodontist, I had asked her for one. She even consulted with him, on what apparatus is best for treatment, with out interfering with her speech therapy.        

My daughter is now graduated from speech. I know she is going to miss it. The rest of the office staff is professional, friendly & warm. I want to thank everyone for being so Amazing! I will recommend Nolan Speech & Language Centers to everyone.”   –Laura